KENZA Global Social Change for Women

Top picture: Neighborhood dinner in Brooklyn Oct. 2012. Celebrating outstanding leaders in Brooklyn, NY

TOP picture:Neighborhood Dinner in Brooklyn. Oct. 2012 Celebrating outstanding women leaders in Brooklyn. Right to left: Madeline Holder Lamour-Director of Community Philanthropy, Honoree Monique Greenwood-Owner of Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast Inns & Khadija Fajry – Owner of KENZA International Beauty

Bottom: With the New York Women's Foundation team at the Celebrating Women Breakfast, MAY 9th, 2013





Robina Niaz receiving Third Annual Joan H.Tisch Community Health Prize

Below: Robina Niaz with mayoral candidate John Liu at Iftar 2013 for Turning Point for Women and Families

Lovely host committee

Partnering and donating to women foundations in the United States.

KENZA International Beauty is committed to partner with women foundations in the US to support their mission and goals.

KENZA International Beauty is proud to support:

New York Women's Foundation New York Women's Foundation Report

"Once an early entrant into a limited group of women's philanthropic organizations, the New York Women's Foundation has grown into the largest U.S.-based member of a robust international network of 166 women's funds."

"Over 25 years we have distributed more than $33 million to over 250 grantee partners. In 2012, we will give $5 million to more than 80 grantee partners. The New York Women's Foundations has made a difference in the lives of over 5.4 million women, girls and their communities in New York City."



Turning Point for Women and Families 

Turning Point for Women and Families is a grassroots, community-based organization in Queens addressing the needs of Muslim women and children through crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, outreach, education and training, particularly in the area of domestic violence. It offers culturally competent services to respond to the wide gap between needs and programs available to this community.


With the women at the TIRIZITE women cooperative, in Arazane, Morocco – June 2012
With Latifa Ait Aabou-Director of the TIRIZITE women cooperative, Habiba, Hnia, Fatima, Rabia, Sultana, Malika, Fadma, and Khadija Fajry – Owner of KENZA International Beauty

With the lovely Fadma watching me trying to crack an Argan nut. At the TIRIZITE women cooperative, in Arazane, Morocco – June 2012


Sponsoring and donating directly to a women Argan oil cooperative in Morocco

Poor rural Berber women work in Argan oil cooperatives in the south of Morocco to earn money for their families. In addition to create incremental Argan oil demand for the Tirizite cooperative, KENZA International Beauty will share a portion of its profits with these women to improve their living standards to the benefit of the whole Arazane community (about 8,000 inhabitants).

We invite you to watch these videos and read these articles to learn more.

Please watch this 12 minutes video of my visit to the Moroccan women cooperative that KENZA International will support and donate to. These are the incredible, courageous, and inspiring women behind our KENZA Pure Moroccan Beauty Oils that we all love. My video recording crew apologizes for the loud nut-cracking noise during the first 4-1/2 minutes, but the sound quality improves thereafter.




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